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GPS navigation for cars. What to Look for:


If you want to get the best GPS for car in 2018, chances are you’re feeling a bit baffled because of the wide array of products that are available for sale out there. How can you know which one’s the right one for you? We’ve decided to give you a hand as we’ve put together a buying guide which we’ve created so that all your questions are answered. You’ll find all the factors you have to take into account below.


Screen size

In most cases, navigational systems designed for automobiles ought to come with displays that are large enough to allow the driver to glance from the corner of his or her eye comfortably. Your eyes should always be on the road, so be sure to focus on getting a device that comes with a screen that’s not too small or too large. It also depends on the configuration of your vehicle, which is why the best GPS navigation for cars in 2018 might have a 5-inch or a 4-inch display, for other people.


Mounting system

Before choosing one unit over the next, you have to check with your local laws to see whether they allow you to mount a GPS on your windshield or not. Some states prohibit this type of installation, so instead of risking to pay a fine, you might want to do your homework just to be on the safe side of things.


Audible directions

Most of the models we’ve come across during our research have audible directions, but some of the budget ones might not. In other words, you’ll have to pay attention to this detail when ordering the product. Text-to-speech is also a feature to consider, particularly since not all of these products are made the same, and you might not understand what the voice is saying.


Map availability

With some models, what you see isn’t what you get. Map and traffic updates might add up to the extra costs, so you have to decide beforehand whether or not you want a device that comes with free lifetime updates. Also, the map availability matters a great deal as we’ve seen that only the most reputable manufacturers regularly update their data so you don’t get stuck with an outdated map that might trick you more than help you.


Some of the best GPS devices for car use are showcased below. These are all models that have managed to garner the appreciation of American drivers, and so they’ve gathered some of the best GPS reviews in 2018. They are reasonably priced, reliable, and come with many useful features that you might benefit from when traveling to an unfamiliar destination.



Top gps navigation for cars in 2018



Garmin nüvi 55LM (B00HEGP40E)


1-garmin-nuvi-55lm-gpsGarmin is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the industry of developing top-notch navigational systems, whether you need one for your personal vehicle or plan to purchase one for your next RV or fishing adventure.

As it is to be expected from a product built by such a reputable brand, this one comes with virtually all of the features you might need from a good GPS system. In spite of the fact that it is affordable and can be found to cost less than one hundred and fifty dollars, this model features lifetime maps.

Available both in 5-in and 6-in sizes, this unit is undoubtedly worth considering if you’re in the market for a dependable option.

Some other exciting features it has are spoken turn-by-turn directions and speed limit displays so that you’re never caught speeding on the roadway without even realizing you’re doing it. School zone warnings are also available with this model.

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TomTom VIA 1515M


2-tomtom-via-1515m-5-0The TomTom model is another notable option for people looking for budget-friendly navigational systems under one hundred and fifty dollars. The display of this unit measures five inches and offers the advantages of a well-developed touchscreen.

Besides, the fact of the matter is that sometimes, it all boils down to the costs. That’s why getting the TomTom VIA 1515M might be a good idea as it comes with lifetime maps. The ones included in the device are of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The neat thing about this option is that it also comes with a sizeable collection of points of interest.

What do actual drivers have to say about the performance of the TomTom VIA 1515M? The unit has garnered mostly favorable reviews, with many buyers describing it as an outstanding navigator.

Some say that this device manages to be exact regardless of the harshness of the weather, allowing you to know just where you are on the map.

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Magellan RoadMate 5320-LM


3-magellan-roadmate-5320-lmIf you don’t travel too often, you might find it hard to understand the reason behind choosing a model that costs over one hundred dollars. In that case, the Magellan unit might be the perfect one for your needs.

This product comes with a 5-inch touchscreen and features an easy-to-use interface that has been praised by the people who have bought the unit. In addition, the device proves its worth on long and tiring trips, when you might need to pull over for a cup of Joe. Here’s where the seven million points of interest which can be found in the RoadMate’s interface might come handy.

What’s more, this device features junction view, therefore allowing you to get to the right lane without stressing yourself out. It’s also worth noting that the Magellan RoadMate 5320-LM has free lifetime map updates.

It’s compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, which means that you can update the maps using your personal computer.

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