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Best GPS for motorcycles. What to Look for:


A motorcycle rider needs a GPS device that is able to withstand the elements of riding, which include vibrations, wind and wear and tear caused by riding. An old-fashioned paper map just won’t do, and a motorcycle GPS will definitely facilitate easy and convenient navigation. Aside from being able to tell you about places of interest when riding in unfamiliar locations, what should the best GPS for motorcycles in 2018 come with?


Motorcycle-geared construction

You want a GPS device that is purposefully designed for motorcycles. That means it should come with the needed hardware for bike installation aside from a mounting system for proper securing on a motorcycle. Being an open mode of transport, a motorcycle can head to tough and remote terrain. Therefore, you want the GPS device to be shock resistant as well as waterproof. It should provide accurate readings regardless how rugged the terrain becomes. An IPX7 rating ensures resistance to fuel spills as well as UV rays, with a sunlight-readable and touchscreen display, preferably. Some premium models of the best waterproof GPS for motorcycle use also come with spoken navigation instructions via an in-helmet accessory. Others seamlessly integrate with a tire pressure monitor system.


Comes with ease-of-use features

For the best GPS for motorcycle touring to truly be considered dependable, it should provide good reception, have a strong battery life and sufficient memory capacity. Some models come with MP3 players and satellite radio. Plenty of the premium ones come with Bluetooth wireless technology to accommodate hands-free cellphone use and data exchange, along with a high-resolution, anti-glare touchscreen display. They even provide spoken directions via an in-helmet headset. You will want a device that allows gloves-on operation. Some models come with a USB port for connectivity via USB Cable 2.0. They are also compatible with computers, either PC or Mac. Others come with advanced 3D navigation, along with a convenient Fold-and-Go Easyport Mount.


Comes with dependable GPS functionality

You want the device to enable you to easily plan routes with a smarter user interface. Look for models with Map Share™ Technology, Lane Assist with junction view, and most especially Map and Real-time traffic information with lifetime updates. The best GPS for a motorcycle operates with 4 to 7 hours battery life as well as a remarkable Traffic and Weather Smartphone Link app. Some models come with information on Roadside Assistance, Hilly Roads and Winding Roads, and Round-trip Planning for discovering new routes. Others come with Portrait View, Points of View and IQ Routes, along with Fuel Prices.

We have plenty of options on motorcycle GPS devices on the market, and this can somewhat complicate the buying decision. We urge you to consult the above buying guide for help. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Top GPS for motorcycles in 2018



Garmin Zumo 660LM


1-garmin-zumo-660lmShipped to you with a vehicle mount, carrying case and power cable, the Garmin Zumo 660LM offers advanced 3D navigation that allows you to see 3D buildings on the map to provide enhanced situational awareness.

With its powerful trip planning tools, the device lets you create custom routes using your computer, with those saved routes easily transferred directly to the device. After the trip, you can review the ride in Google™ Earth. This device also comes with microSD™ card expansion that facilitates hassle-free sharing of routes and easy storage augmentation.

This model easily moves between modes so you can also use it as an in-car navigation device. Equipped with Lane assist with junction view, this GPS shows you the proper lane while driving. It provides realistic images of junctions up ahead.

The Bluetooth wireless technology allows hands-free connectivity for easy integration with your cellphone and a stereo audio using a compatible headset. The high-resolution, glove-friendly 4.3-Inch touchscreen display comes with a rugged, waterproof design that is IPX7 resilient against fuel spills and UV rays.

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2-tomtom-riderShipped to you with a Charging Motorcycle Mount, USB cable 2.0 for PC connection and a convenient USB port, the TomTom RIDER lets you plan your bike trips according to your preference. The 4.3-Inch glove-friendly touchscreen lets you view the latest map so you get to destinations faster. It even enables you to upload preferred routes before the trip.

The nifty Winding Roads Routes enables motorbikers to select the exciting ride they prefer. The Free Lifetime Map Updates functionality provides street, City Tour and North America maps.

This all-weather device ensures you always drive with the latest map, letting you download four or more full map updates every year for the lifetime of the device.

You can get to your destination faster with updates to the road network, points of interest and addresses. The Points of Interest functionality lets you find biker-relevant places such as motels, restaurants and gas stations, as well as add your own. The device allows easy navigation even under direct sunlight.

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Generic All Terrain CA9052


generic-all-terrain-ca9052The Generic All Terrain CA9052 provides bikers a great way to maximize every motorcycle trip with highly useful GPS features. The 4.3-inch screen enables you to optimize this GPS Navigation System that has earned a waterproof rating of IPX7 rating, indicating resistance to immersion up to 1 meter depth.

Equipped with a 4GB Internal Memory, this model can store your riding data for easy review after the drive. The Bluetooth connectivity lets you enjoy the thrill of your ride while ensuring your safety, allowing you to take calls hands-free.

This model comes with a convenient mounting system that enables easy attachment to your bike, letting you attach and detach it easily.

The screen is large enough to enable problem-free viewing of displayed information. Lightweight at just 1.8 pounds, this device lets you review every trip to make more memories of your riding adventures every time. It offers a way of knowing your route way before you get started on it, for convenient trip planning.

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