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Best GPS for geocaching. What to Look for:


You won’t really need a pricey, extra-sophisticated GPS for geocaching. Being a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game, geocaching will need a GPS-enabled device for navigating a set of GPS coordinates in the attempt to locate a container called the ‘geocache’ that is hidden at a specific location. At its simplest, your GPS should primarily let you enter a specific set of waypoints and then let you take it from there. Now what separates the best GPS unit for geocaching from a basic compass or a GPS-enabled smartphone?


Comes with dependable geocaching features-naturally!

A basemap is highly recommended, despite the fact that it can somewhat jack up the price of the unit overall. The additional cost of a basemap is marginal in the least considering the additional functionality it can give the device. The basemap in the best GPS for geocaching in 2018 provides extremely useful driving directions to the area near the cache.


Plenty of today’s GPS devices are equipped with a dozen parallel channels that enable the faster acquisition of GPS satellite signals with greater accuracy. Models built after 1997 carry this capability, while older, single-channel units may not be as accurate and tend to run slower. You also want the device to be able to store information from Pocket Queries, along with field notes for cache logging after a hunt.


Comes with convenient device components

An external antenna jack has ceased to be an all-important requirement because today’s chips have been engineered to be sensitive enough to catch signals even inside a vehicle. However, when it becomes virtually impossible to get decent satellite coverage through the front windshield, an external antenna jack will prove to be extremely helpful. A device with an external antenna will also be useful for safe placement inside a backpack thanks to its functionality in weak signal locations such as under heavy tree cover. An interface jack enables use of the GPS with a computer, so you will want this in the best handheld GPS for geocaching in 2018. It enables quick loading of waypoints and maps to the device. Serial attachments are in older devices while newer units support USB.

For loading detailed street-level and topographic maps, as well as more waypoints onto the GPS, there has to be plenty of memory or a higher capacity internal storage. The ability to accommodate a memory card is also great.


Provides ease of use

Because of its power requirements, a geocaching GPS should support external power such as a cigarette lighter power cable, along with standard batteries for hassle-free replacement. Lithium batteries provide longer battery life and for power geocaching, you should consider rechargeable batteries.

You’ll also want a large screen and a touchscreen or rocker keypad. For durability, consider waterproof units or models that are at least water resistant. Check out models with IPX7 ratings that indicate toughness against accidental immersion for up to half an hour in one meter of water. For added protection, plastic cases or bags are useful.

There are plenty of different devices featured in the best GPS for geocaching reviews 2018. Though this can complicate the buying process, we urge you to consult the buying guide above for shopping assistance. For even more help, do check out the products featured below.



Top GPS for geocaching in 2018



Garmin eTrex 10


1-garmin-etrex-10The Garmin eTrex 10 is a tough handheld navigator that ships preloaded with worldwide basemap along with the exclusive BaseCamp, the software that enables you to view and organize maps, tracks, routes and waypoints so you can customize your outdoor adventures and even share them with family, friends and others on the hunting trail.

Geared with a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, this model comes with a fantastic 2.2-inch monochrome display for easy viewing of information. It is waterproof to IPX7 standards to ensure protection from rain, splashes and more.

Designed to support paperless geocaching, this model also ensures quick positioning along with a reliable signal thanks to its being a WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with support for GLONASS and HotFix. Install two double-A batteries to get up to 20 hours of use on the hunt.

Perfect for the budget-conscious outdoor adventurer, this unit boasts software that displays topographical map data in both 2D and 3D on your computer screen, as well as elevation profiles and contour lines, along with the ability to transfer an incredible number of satellite images to it when paired with a subscription for BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.

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GARMIN eTrex 20X


2-garmin-etrex-20xThe GARMIN eTrex 20X is the upgraded version of the eTrex 20. Equipped with an easily readable display boasting enhanced screen resolution, this model is also able to hold more maps because of its expanded internal memory.

It comes with a higher level of affordability, durability and ease of use than what the eTrex series had been popular for, and offers functionality for hot air balloons, cars, boats, bicycles and ATVs.

The 2.2-inch 65K color display can be read easily even under direct sunlight. The large 3.7GB internal memory, along with the microSD card slot, accommodates more maps. The preloaded worldwide basemap comes with shaded relief so you can easily see features on the surface including valleys, mountains, canyons and plateaus.

The onboard high-sensitivity WAAS-enabled GPS receiver also supports HotFix satellite prediction and GLONASS to efficiently and accurately pinpoint your exact location and maintain it even under dense cover or deep topographical recesses, so you won’t feel disoriented.

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GARMIN eTrex 30x


3-garmin-etrex-30xThe button-operated GARMIN eTrex 30x is equipped with a 2.2-inch, 65K color display boasting an upgraded resolution of 240 x 320 pixels for easy readability even in the sunlight. Its internal memory has been expanded to accommodate plenty of maps.

The preloaded worldwide basemap with shaded relief allows you to determine topographical features so you can navigate your way through the trail safely and intuitively.

This model comes with a large 3.7GB internal memory supplemented with a microSD card slot for loading a range of maps such as City Navigator NT, HuntView, TOPO 24K, BlueChart g2 and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (with subscription).

The integrated 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, as well as the barometric altimeter, tracks pressure changes so you know your precise altitude or you can plot barometric pressure as you go along. This device has wireless capability for transferring your information to compatible Garmin devices such as accessory sensors and VIRB.

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