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Best GPS Unit. What to Look for:


With so many GPS device manufacturers, it can be a challenge for the consumer to choose the best one for their needs. GPS device manufacturers try to outdo each other on features, and this further complicates the decision-making process. What would help you decide what GPS is the best for you?

Among the GPS units for sale, you want one that offers ease of use.

You want a model that boasts fast startup times. The device should be able to give you a fix of your location using GPS satellites, in just seconds. Some premium models are able to pinpoint your exact location not just with GPS satellite signals, but also using GLONASS satellite system signals. If the view of the sky is blocked, some models are capable of utilizing terrestrial antennas to bounce off signals from. Steer clear of devices that have slow signal acquisition times. A faster startup time comes from being able to pick up signals from more satellites. While most models connect to 12 satellites at a time, some high-end units offer connectivity to up to 20 satellites or more. Check out units that feature a Sirf III chip, the latest chip technology boasting lightning fast satellite locating.

The preloaded maps of a device should also be easy to update. While many models offer free lifetime map updates, others offer them with a specific subscription fee. Map updates are important because there will always be new business or new roads opened and others that will get closed with time. Make sure the screen offers easy viewing even in sunlight. A screen hood is useful for fighting glare.


Choose a featured product in the best GPS units reviews in 2018 that rates high on performance.

You’ve probably proven to yourself how essential traffic updates are. There will be times when you want to avoid traffic gridlocks, road blockages or thoroughfare accidents, and with traffic updates, you can readily do so. This means you can also pick another route to help avoid getting stuck in such traffic delays. Some manufacturers offer traffic updates for free with product purchase, but they also provide premium updates for those willing to pay a subscription fee.

Take note: paying subscribers tend to receive real-time information that non-paying users may only be getting at a delayed time. In the first place, real-time traffic updates are only needed for use in large metropolitan regions where traffic is really a huge issue. Otherwise, if you are not really bothered on a regular basis by traffic, why pay for something you may not even regularly use?

Another element worth checking out is text-to-voice software. This feature enables you to get spoken directions so you can drive safely by keeping your eyes on the road. Street names are spoken aloud by the device so you can just keep your eyes peeled for them. Others utilize buildings or landmarks to point you in the right direction. Make sure the spoken directions are clear and easy to understand.

You want the battery to last long, for device stamina. You can’t afford to get stuck in an unfamiliar area with a dead GPS device and no one to ask directions from, would you? Plenty of GPS devices feature a 3.5-inch touchscreen for navigation, although newer models have larger dual-orientation ones.


The best GPS unit in 2018 offers versatility.

A portable GPS device proves to be useful both for hiking and car installation purposes. You will also have to take note of the unit’s mounting options since some states prohibit the installation of any device on a vehicle’s dashboard or windshield. Make sure the unit you get provides several mounting options, such as on air vents, the floor or your car’s cup holder.

Some models also double for entertainment as they feature an integrated FM receiver. Others have headphone jacks for private music listening. Plenty of models feature a built-in MP3 or DVD player. Bluetooth-enabled units support hands-free calling.


The market is flush with options on GPS devices. Hopefully, the carefully-prepared buying guide above can help you make an easier decision. We have also showcased the best products below for a less stressful shopping experience.



Top GPS Units in 2018



Garmin GPSMAP 64s 010-01199-10


A genuinely trustworthy companion during expeditions and outdoor adventures, the Garmin GPSMAP 64s 010-01199-10 is a handheld device that you’ll love to carry during hiking or travel. The diminutive 2.6-inch screen provides easy navigation and features. The worldwide basemap lets you view satellite and shaded relief photos. The integrated triple axis compass ensures that you always know the direction you are going.

To enable you to know how far you are above sea level, this model is equipped with an altimeter, which also helps you predict how the weather will be to ensure your safety. Powered by two double-A batteries, this model can also be operated via an optional nickel metal hydride pack.

This device comes with a one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, which delivers updated aerial images of the terrain you are currently traversing to enable you to plan the best route to your specific destination. This will also enable you to find trailheads, parking areas and potential campsites. The views you receive are useful for geocaching applications.

Utilizing both GPS and GLONASS satellites, this device is able to pick up signals quickly compared to devices that run on GPS alone. This model is equipped with paperless geocaching software that allows the transfer of data to a computer using the provided USB cord. You can also upload the data to the Web. the screen displays essential information such as terrain, location, hints and descriptions of hiding spots and cache difficulty rating.

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Garmin eTrex 10 010-00970-00


Outfitted with a 2.2-inch monochrome display, the Garmin eTrex 10 010-00970-00 is a versatile device that provides user-selectable profiles. This feature enables you to create your very own dashboard containing only the information you need such as distance covered or the elevation. This customizability proves to be quite useful when you are into geocaching or just simple hiking adventures.

Able to show your current location, this handy device also lays digital breadcrumbs that allow you to review your covered path so you can get back easily to where you came from, which is useful when you have to recall your covered path and use another trail. The displayed information is easy to read. This portable unit attaches to a variety of items using different separately-purchased mounting systems.

More importantly, it employs both GPS and GLONASS satellites for more immediate signal acquisition that is faster by 20 times compared to devices that work on GPS alone. Knowing your current position is much quicker so you can get on with your outdoor adventure in less time.

The onboard receiver also reads Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) signals, and this enables you to receive information from land-based antennas especially when the sky view is significantly blocked. To consistently provide information on your current location, a worldwide basemap is stored in the internal solid state memory of this GPS device.

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Garmin nüvi 65LM 010-N1211-01


With the Garmin nüvi 65LM 010-N1211-01, you always get a fix on your current location as well as where you are heading. This model offers that information for the lower 48 states and Hawaii as well as Canada. The 6-inch touchscreen allows you to choose between landscape and portrait mode for easy viewing while allowing you to read data in your preferred format.

This model is geared with School Zone warnings as well as a speed limit indicator for most major roads in the coverage area. These elements allow you to slow down as needed and avoid getting traffic citations.

This model also provides Lane Assist and Junction View functionality so you have peace of mind that are are travelling in the correct lane or turning in the right direction. The Up Ahead feature shows you approaching points of interest as you drive along so you can easily pull over in time when you see one you like. The Route Avoidance feature enables you to avoid highways or tolls along your route.

The Trip Planner enables you to plan a route prior to the commencement of your trip. The integrated maps come with lifetime updates from Garmin, with all information stored in the internal solid state memory of the device. You can even add more points of interest or waypoints of your choosing, or augment the memory with additional data via a microSD card in the built-in slot.

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