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Best GPS smartwatch. What to Look for:


If you’re the type who likes to stay fit while exploring uncharted trails, you will have wear a premium quality GPS smartwatch. Combining the functionality of a fitness tracker and a GPS device, this type of wrist wear does more than just stay in sync with your Android smartphone: it offers an effective means of optimizing your fitness regimen. Moreover, you want the best GPS smartwatch in 2018 to:


Provide ease of use and dependable toughness

The top rated and best smartwatch with GPS comes with superior water resistance, because fitness routes are not always dry and easy to navigate. Some models are made with an ultra-thin design for hassle-free wearing. They also boast a high-resolution, sunlight-readable color touchscreen plus easy-press buttons for problem-free program setting. The top quality ones allow customization with free watch face designs, apps and widgets from their brand’s exclusive store, so you can change the way the device looks, to serve as your personal fashion statement. You can even set any notification from your mobile device to be sent straight to the smartwatch, a really cool feature when it is paired with a compatible smartphone.


Provide easy pairing with your mobile device

The best GPS smart watches come with incorporated sport apps such as GPS-enabled cycling, running, and golfing as well as swimming and activity tracking, so you always know how effective your fitness routine is. They allow you to view your stats even when your phone is left at home. Those types of devices easily pair with your smartphone and gently vibrate while displaying alerts for incoming calls, emails, text messages and set calendar items as well as social media notifications and other mobile apps. Look for units that provide 24/7 heart rate monitoring as well as speed or pace, distance covered and time, beats per minute, calories burned and more, even with no additional strap to wear for dependable activity tracking. This way, you can monitor your progress compared to aerobic activity goals that health organizations like the American Heart Association recommend.


Provide GPS functionality

Check out models featured in the best GPS smart watch reviews in 2018 that let you view your mapped route with pace data and changes in elevation, helping you stay fit the right way. You can even take part in challenges while connecting to your friends who are also members of a special network, so you can easily find widely used running areas and share your activity on Twitter or Facebook. Some models even ensure accurate distance and speed information both outdoors and indoors even when the GPS signal gets interrupted.

There are plenty of GPS smartwatches for sale on the market, and this can unduly complicate the decision making process. The buying guide above provides helpful information to help you along during your shopping journey. We have also featured the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Top GPS smartwatches in 2018



Garmin vívoactive Black


1-garmin-vivoactiveThe Garmin vívoactive Black is an ultra-thin GPS smartwatch built with an easily readable high-resolution color touchscreen that can easily be viewed even in the sunlight. It comes with built-in sports apps that include GPS-enabled running, biking and golfing as well as swimming and activity tracking, letting you see your stats even when you don’t have your phone with you.

This model easily pairs with your smartphone and gently vibrates as it displays alerts for incoming calls and texts along with emails, calendar items and notifications from social media and a range of other mobile apps.

This smartwatch is easily customizable with free watch face designs apps and widgets straight from the exclusive Connect IQ store. Its battery charge lasts through all of three weeks of your activities when kept in watch/activity tracking mode, or up to 10 hours when used with GPS.

This smartwatch goes with you from work to workout so you can work smarter and play harder while enjoying a better life.

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Garmin vívoactive HR


2-garmin-vivoactive-hrPowered by a lithium ion battery, the Garmin vívoactive HR provides 24/7 heart rate monitoring using wrist heart rate technology. It also ensures Activity Tracking accuracy even without any additional strap to be worn. Boasting long battery life, this device provides up to 8 days in watch/activity tracking mode.

It displays active intensity minutes so you can monitor your progress to see how it comes up to aerobic activity goals recommended by health organizations like the American Heart Association.

Get smart notifications straight from your mobile device that you can easily pair with this revolutionary wrist-worn product. The high-resolution color touchscreen is easily readable even in the sunlight.

You can do more, run further, cycle harder, play golf longer or swim and ski faster with this convenient smartwatch with heart rate monitoring. You’ll love the activity tracker functionality that counts your steps throughout the day and also measures the calories you burn every time.

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Nike+ WM0097-006 


3-nike-sportwatchA water resistant sports watch, the Nike+ WM0097-006 boasts the legendary TomTom GPS to deliver precise distance and speed information both indoors and out. This is even when the GPS signal inadvertently gets interrupted, for consistently accurate readings of your daily activities.

This nifty device tracks your time, pace, speed, distance and heart rate in beats per minute along with calories burned. It also lets you view your mapped route on, along with pace data/changes in elevation so you can keep track of your everyday journeys to make them more exciting.

Running on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, this smartwatch conveniently charges via USB to provide up to 8 hours run time with both the sensor and GPS functionalities switched on, along with up to 50 days of standby power.

This smartwatch lets you connect with friends and join group challenges as a member of the exclusive routes that lets you share those elite activities on Twitter or Facebook, for a push on your activities.

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