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Like many other outdoor hobbies, hunting requires the use of a good-quality GPS device if you are to accumulate fantastic memories of the activity. Bear in mind that not all GPS devices are created equal. You need a dedicated GPS unit for hunting that provides the necessary options and applications hunters will truly appreciate. What are the elements to consider when searching for a good GPS for hunting and fishing?

A good GPS for hunting in 2018 comes with mapping capabilities and more.

You want a GPS device that can help you with information on thoroughfares or major roads, rivers, landmarks and similar locations. Small details such as creeks, roads and contours are not provided in most devices. However, make certain the device you get provides downloading capability for maps that provide the geographical layout in major detail. Maps with detailed instructions should be easy to download, with some manufacturers typically offering them for separate purchase from the GPS device.

The device should preferably provide information on the best times to hunt and fish. This information is based on a number of studies documenting how the sun and the moon seem to influence the feeding habits and movement of animals. This enables you to know the best times to stay out in the field. A calendar of sunrise and sunset will also help you know when it is legal to hunt and when it isn’t.

All handheld GPS devices carry their own mapping software. To check if the mapping software of a device is the perfect one for your needs, check the specifications and capabilities of the component. Find out if sharing of the route or waypoints is possible through Google Earth. It may also be useful for a device to enable sharing of your outdoor journeys with friends and family via social networks.


The best GPS for hunting in 2018 offers dependable and flexible performance.

While the majority of GPS devices tell you the direction of travel only when you are on the move, some premium quality ones feature an electronic compass that allows you to determine the direction you are traveling even when you are just standing still. You should also make sure the device provides an intuitive and flexible platform. It should easily work with other devices such as your smartphone.

A limited number of GPS software only works with the MAC OS X. You ought to ascertain that the unit you go for supports open-source mapping software. It should preferably allow the use of multiple free platforms for map updates with new and improved cartography data.


A top selling choice in the best GPS reviews in 2018 comes with hunter-friendly applications.

A hunting GPS unit should allow you to communicate with others on the field using two-way radio frequencies. Not all dedicated hunting GPS units boast this functionality. Those that do have it offer value for money as they combine GPS and two-way radio communication in one device. This helps ensure you stay safe and connected in the field, which is highly essential during emergencies. The models that offer GPS/ two-way radio functionality can transmit and receive Family Radio Service (FRS) and General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). These are what all handheld radios use.

Some units come with an altimeter for measuring the level of barometric pressure, helping you determine if the variables in pressure can cause weather changes. Clouds or rain is signified by downward pressure. Rising pressure, on the other hand, indicates blue skies. The altimeter feature helps you anticipate weather changes, which proves to be advantageous when hunting or fishing. Some models even include a weather band along with a two-way radio feature. This helps you obtain updated weather information and reports as long as the right frequencies are received.

Determining which GPS is best is not an easy task. The buying guide above can hopefully help you decide much easier on which unit to purchase. The best products are also featured below for even more shopping assistance.


Top GPS Devices for Hunting in 2018


Garmin GPSMAP 64st 010-01199-20


If you are to embark on an expedition to uncharted regions on the planet or simply going for an uneventful hike, make sure to carry the Garmin GPSMAP 64st 010-01199-20 with you. The device has a 2.6-inch screen that accommodates the need for easy navigation through the many features of the device.

This hunting GPS device is preloaded with satellite photos complemented with topographic maps, helping you find your way through the hunting terrain. This ensures you do not lose your way during your hunting activities. The integrated tri-axis compass ensures you always know where you are heading.

To help you predict weather trends, this GPS device also comes with an altimeter that tells you how far you are above sea level. Any drop in pressure can signify difficult hunting conditions such as rain or cloudiness, and this information can help you plan your hunts accordingly.

Powered by two double-A batteries, this model can also be used with a separately purchased rechargeable nickel-metal hydride pack. With purchase of this model, you also receive a one-year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, which delivers updated aerial images of the terrain you are going through to enable you to plot the best route to your hunting destination. This functionality also enables easy locating of trailheads, parking areas and possible camping areas, all thanks to the use of both GPS and GLONASS satellites.

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Bushnell Back Track D-Tour 360310BG


Boasting GPS made simple, the Bushnell BackTrack D-Tour Bear Grylls Edition ensures you will never get lost on the hunting trail regardless where it is. The convenient Breadcrumbs feature allows you to retrace your steps to go back where you started. This is facilitated with a simple push of the button and following an arrow. Find your car in a crowded parking lot.

Know your way back to the campsite or hotel in unfamiliar territory. Or simply find your tree stand in your hunting property. Easy to use, intuitive and simple, this device keeps track of every outdoor journey you make. The integrated precision digital compass comes with information on latitude and longitude so you will easily know your exact location at present.

The device also tracks any course by taking note of the altitude, temperature, time, speed and the trip duration, helping you stay on course. Up to five different locations are marked and stored on the GPS device, along with a maximum of 48 hours of data for review and sharing, as needed.

Engineered to be your perfect hiking, running, cycling, fishing/boating and hunting companion, this device also doubles as a fantastic exercise tool. It helps track your progress towards your fitness goals by recording the distance you cover and the time you use to achieve that, then overlays the information on a Google map to inspire you to consistently reach for those objectives.

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Garmin eTrex 30x


Made both for the geocaching enthusiast and the avid hiker in the woods or in the urban jungle, the Garmin eTrex 30x 010-01508-10 provides you with an easy-to-use navigation device. It helps you determine your exact location presently, while it lays digital breadcrumbs that show your path to where you are.

The digital breadcrumbs feature is important if you need to find where you parked your car, or the hotel you are staying at in an unfamiliar town. The device features a 2.2-inch 65K color screen that is easy to read even in the sunlight, so you can easily find your position.

There are a variety of optional mounts for attaching this device, so it offers versatile functionality. Powered by both GPS and GLONASS satellites, this device provides speedy signal acquisition. This enables you to quickly get a fix on your current position at an approximately 20 times faster rate compared to the use of GPS alone. Able to read Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) signals, the device allows you to obtain information from land-based antennas even when the view of the sky is blocked.

This capability also delivers more accuracy in pinpointing your position in general. Moreover, the HotFix satellite prediction feature uses a proprietary algorithm to imitate the Earth’s movement, allowing the GPS device to re-acquire satellite connectivity even after two days of being unused.

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