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Best GPS for Cycling. What to Look for:


Perfect both for navigation and for training purposes, a GPS for cycling is exactly what touring cyclists and performance racers need while on the biking trail. Many premium models boast the technology that such individuals need to inspire them to move forward consistently. Whether just for planning your next ride or to get in-depth data about your cycling performance, a GPS for cycling should come with the following essential elements.

The best GPS for cycling in 2018 should be convenient and easy to use.

You want the screen to be big enough to enable clear reading of your metrics while still being small enough not to become the center of attention on your bike. The device is supposed to help improve your performance, not hog a significant amount of real estate on your bike’s handlebars. The device should provide easy navigation to ensure hassle-free use especially since your attention has to be on the road ahead or the oncoming traffic. You want clear, crisp graphics on a good screen that enables easy use even when your hands are covered in riding gloves. Check out models that offer the option to change the size of the font.

Some high-end models feature a revolutionary LiveTrack feature, which enables your loved ones to watch your ride using their phones. This also enables you to get help fast during unexpected situations such as a flat tire while cycling.

To ensure easy screen readability, a backlight feature illuminates the screen better than a helmet light that you need to position on the screen. With multiple data screens, information doesn’t have to be restricted to one screen alone. You can have several screens to scroll through with a simple push of a button. The unit should allow you to choose between customizable and fixed options for the screen.

Some devices allow data transfer to a training program website, software or social fitness site. Some high-end cycling GPS devices save collected data for each bike they are used on, providing a separate file for each. Look for models that provide multi-bike functionality or that go well with aftermarket mounts for positioning the device out in front of the handlebar. This is essential so you won’t lose your near-distance focus while looking down at the screen.

The top GPS cycling computer in 2018 offers dependable performance.

The GPS device should not take too long to find a satellite. It should be able to pick up satellite signals quickly so you can keep pace with your cycling buddies and not be left behind while the computer tries to activate. A top rated product featured in the best GPS for cycling reviews in 2018 should be able to utilize GPS for measuring distance and speed with fantastic accuracy. The device should allow you to upload your metrics for comparison and competition with those of other riders who also upload their riding data.

Premium quality cycling GPS devices use an ANT+ sensor that offers the most expandable and reliable user experience while being the simplest to utilize. This interoperability feature enables products from different manufacturers to work together seamlessly. Because the devices are compatible, it is easy to update or add to a monitoring system. The ANT+ sensor allows you to train to your pedaling rhythm and heart rate to optimize every cycling workout.


The device should be versatile enough to be called the best GPS for cycling and hiking.

Aside from delivering in-depth data about your cycling performance, the GPS device should be able to perform wireless updating of your rides. Some models come with an automatic syncing option that enables the transfer of cycling workout information from one platform to another, such as from a brand’s Connect app to another system like Strava. The device may not have an entirely clean system for this purpose but once it is setup, there should no longer be a need to do adjustments. You can simply plug your computer in for charging after every ride and the device itself facilitates the syncing. More importantly, the device should provide many maps for downloading or for planning new riding routes.

The built-in rechargeable battery should offer a long life for extended cycling trainings. Some models tell you how high you’ve climbed to enable you to evaluate the intensity of your cycling regimen. To measure climbs, cycling GPS devices have an integrated barometer. Some higher priced models come with power measuring ability, which makes them capable of reading power wattage outputs from any ANT+ compatible unit on the market.

Some units come with both a speed and a cadence sensor. The cadence sensor proves to be useful when the GPS drops out. The speed sensor helps improve accuracy. Turn-by-turn routing helps when you need to sometimes carry your bike and do some hiking.

The market has become virtually flooded with options on GPS devices for cycling. The buying guide above should help you make an easier decision. The best products are also showcased below for more shopping guidance.



Top GPS for cycling in 2018



Garmin Edge 520 Bundle 010-01369-00


Geared with smartphone connectivity, the Garmin Edge 520 Bundle 010-01369-00 also offers advanced cycling analysis. A Bluetooth-enabled device, this model is perfect for hobbyists and competitive cyclists who seek to bring their training to the next level. It tracks and records over 70 points of cycling data, including ascent/descent, distance, grade and more.

The device includes a heart rate monitor, a cadence sensor as well as a speed sensor, providing recording capability for additional metrics such as pedal cadence and heart rate to help you track your progress in your fitness regimen.

Both GPS- and GLONASS-supported, this device delivers accurate geo-based data as well as real-time transmission of your cycling metrics thanks to better satellite signal acquisition plus signal lock, even when you have to go through challenging terrain. In addition, this device also handles ride data recording wirelessly and shares the information in real time using your smartphone and via the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Once this app has been installed, data is sent wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Uploading is facilitated using the supplied USB cord plugged into the mini-USB port of the GPS device and then connected to a compatible computer. This is a handlebar- or stem-mounted model that ensures easy readability and access.

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Garmin Edge 810 010-01063-00


Equipped with Live Tracking feature, the Garmin Edge 810 010-01063-00 provides a means for your family and friends to follow your training activities and races in real time. Providing advanced cycling training capabilities along with GPS-guided navigation, this device is equipped with a heart rate monitor and speed sensor to give you a great fusion of a comprehensive training device and a navigator in a single unit.

This model features an integrated basemap and is compatible with separately purchased TOPO or detailed street maps, thus guiding you through both commuting and touring as well as other activities that need onboard navigation.

Geared to provide accurate navigation and data anywhere in the world, this device is also capable of tracking and recording over 70 points of cycling data including grade, ascent/descent, covered distance and more to help you with your training. It also provides the option for personalization of data fields so you can easily create a personalized activity profile according to your cycling activity, including touring, mountain or road biking.

Switching profiles is easy with a simple swipe of the touchscreen. This device records your cycling metrics and enables you to share the information wirelessly and in real time using your smartphone and the exclusive Garmin Connect Mobile app.

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Sigma Sport ROX 10.0 01002-P


Equipped with an extremely sensitive GPS receiver, the Sigma Sport ROX 10.0 01002-P also comes with ANT+ wireless transmission technology. You can create, alter and save routes using the included DATA CENTER 3 evaluation and mapping software, so you can plot your rides to optimize your training.

The rider’s exact position and anticipated ascents and descents are shown on the dynamic elevation profile. Offering hundreds of functions, this unit offers genuine value for money. Suitable for the professional athlete in training, this model comes with a SiRFstarIII GPS receiver that can be utilized for excellent route navigation based on a previously loaded or pre-saved route.

The display shows five navigation functions plus graph-based illustration of the progress of your route for superb route guidance. The navigation functions include track view, wrong direction alert, waypoint alarm, off-track alarm and time to destination. Aside from power calculation, the device employs ANT+ technology for easy pairing with all power meters.

Providing simple and logical operation using a permanent navigation toolbar, this device has a 1.7-inch full dot-matrix LCD display. It also comes with a lap counter as well as an elevation profile that also includes temperature, for versatility. The built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB cable simplifies charging of the device.

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