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What Is the Best GPS in 2018?


The best GPS units in 2018 are hard to find, but they don’t need to be. If you’d like to be aware of the features that are a must and the ones you can do without, all you have to do is keep on reading. Our simple and straightforward buying guide can assist you in finding the perfect model for your requirements and preferences.


Ease of use

Some devices are more intuitive than others, in that you’ll be able to program them with little to no hassle. Various models can even let you enter the destination by speaking to them whereas others have to be set when you’ve pulled over or if you haven’t yet started driving. If you’ll purchase the device online, there are several ways of telling whether operating it will be convenient or not. For one, you could look at the best GPS reviews in 2018 because other drivers just like you could have experienced issues that they might have detailed using the Amazon rating system, for example. Secondly, you can take to the internet and do a bit of research and even look at some YouTube videos. This footage could tell you how long it takes for the device to load the data.


Size matters

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, but sometimes, a larger screen can allow you to have a peek at the route from the corner of your eye. If you have no problem with a 4-inch display, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a budget-friendly option that comes with a smaller screen like this. Try to stay away from models with 8 or 9-inch screens because they’ll be a nuisance to install in your car.


Maps and traffic

With maps, there are two main ways of going about things. You either choose a model that comes with free lifetime updates and stop worrying about the extra costs or you decide to opt for the more affordable version but risk paying for updates every time they’re released. Traffic, on the other hand, may be more important if you intend to utilize your GPS in the city you live in. Avoiding traffic jams can only be done if the device has real-time traffic info so that you know about accidents, speed traps, or road closures before you get there and get stuck.


The best GPS units for cars are showcased below. This selection is based on the owner feedback and sales figures of the critically acclaimed models we were able to track down on the market today. These suggestions are reasonably priced, convenient, easy to use, and have a myriad of useful features.



Top GPS in 2018



Garmin Nuvi 57LM


1-garmin-nuvi-57lmEven though it’s one of the most affordable models out there, the Garmin Nuvi 57LM takes user experience to a whole new level. Whether you prefer the 5-inch or the 6-inch version, there are plenty of user-friendly features in this device, which can allow you to travel safely at all times.

The navigator system includes audible directions, lifetime map updates, and speed limit displays so that you’re never left without an option. What’s more, the Nuvi 57LM is entirely compatible with a backup camera, which has to be bought separately.

Many of the people who have purchased this unit have nothing but good things to say about the way it performs in real life, and some were so kind as to call it the best GPS for car use.

Over two hundred people wrote detailed favorable reviews about the device, and many say that it’s a no-brainer that can increase the safety of your journey.

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TomTom VIA 1515M


2-tomtom-via-1515mWhile it might be less cutting-edge than other options in the same line, the TomTom VIA 1515M is surely worth considering if you’re in the market for an affordable navigational system.

This particular navigator comes with a 5-inch display that can be used to drive safely all throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Just like the formerly mentioned Garmin Nuvi 57LM, this one has free lifetime updates.

While real-time traffic updates might not be available, the model does prove its worth because it has dynamic road changes that are kept up-to-date on a daily basis.

It goes without saying that one of the core reasons to choose the TomTom VIA 1515M consists of the fact that it’s remarkably affordable. At most online retailers, it can be bought for less than one hundred and fifty dollars, and this price point is considered a bargain by most of the individuals who’ve purchased it.

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Garmin nuvi 2689LMT


3-garmin-nuvi-2689lmtThe 2689LMT is yet another navigational system that you ought to give some thought to if you haven’t made up your mind on a different device.

This one is usually priced under two hundred and fifty, but the core details that set the difference between this unit and the others we’ve mentioned above are that it comes with both complimentary map and traffic updates. In addition, the screen size is larger as the display of this product measures 6 inches.

Since it comes with built-in Bluetooth, you’ll be able to connect your smartphone or tablet and let your relatives and friends where you are. The GPS can be used with the Garmin Smartphone Link app for check-ins.

The collection of points of interest provided by this model is absolutely impressive as it integrates with Foursquare to deliver you info about the restaurants, diners, businesses, and stores in the area you’re transiting.

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