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Best GPS Device. What to look for:


Thanks to the ever-evolving technology in global positioning systems (GPS), there’s no longer any excuse for car drivers to get hopelessly lost when going through unfamiliar territory. Aside from having fully matured, the GPS device market is flooded with so many brands and models, an event that has driven prices down significantly. Now the real question for the consumer is, “Which GPS should I buy?”

Make sure the GPS device is equipped with the basics.

The best GPS device in 2018 always comes equipped with the right screen size for your needs. Currently, the most commonly preferred is a 5-inch screen size, with plenty of models being sold today having this as a popular option. A smaller screen size will save you some cash, though. However, if small text really bothers you, larger units are simply the way to go, since you won’t need to squint just to read finer text used in street names and other essential data.

Nearly every GPS device is equipped with preloaded US maps, while some models even include maps of Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada. Additional maps are provided by device makers for a price, or are downloadable on a PC.
It is vital that the device carry updated maps because the construction of new roads is an inevitable thing. Most GPS device manufacturers offer either single-payment or free map updates for their product offerings. On the other hand, some manufacturers provide map updates with paid subscriptions, which can jack up the after sales expenses for the consumer. Ascertain the map update policy for the device you purchase, so you don’t get stuck with something you might not be enthusiastic at maintaining.

A built-in database for points of interest (POI) enables you to get customized results for your specific search options. POIs are specific point locations that you may consider interesting or useful for your purposes. These may include fuel stations, campsites and hotels, along with a host of other categories used in automotive navigation systems of today.


Live traffic and data are quite useful in a GPS device.

In addition to ensuring that you don’t get lost on your way while driving, a good GPS for car use should also help you avoid the inconvenience of going through an exasperating traffic jam or chokepoints. Live traffic updates are very useful in these terms. A device with a traffic receiver efficiently lets you know ahead of time where the bottlenecks are while also presenting an alternative route to keep you moving on your merry way. Some models come with a free lifetime traffic subscription, helping you save on monthly subscription fees.

Other premium or high-end  units provide next-level traffic services that provide up-to-the-minute traffic checking compared to traditional traffic services given every quarter of an hour.


The device should incorporate convenience and ease of use.

When going over the products highlighted in the best GPS device reviews 2018, choose the ones that offer a fusion of convenience and effortless use. This will ensure you get the most helpful guidance. The device should be engineered to make the entry of destinations easy, with some models even offering voiced entry of destinations. Make sure the interface is intuitive and not slow or awkward. Plenty of units come with a cutting-edge phone interface, providing support for Bluetooth-enabled phones to allow access to your contact list for making hands-free calls, which effectively eliminates the need for a bothersome headset.

More importantly, the device should be portable for hassle-free use in multiple vehicles. Check out models with a long battery life so it can provide guidance and support for hours of travel.


There  are plenty of models and brands on the market, which complicates your decision on which GPS is best to buy. The buying guide above should help you face that hurdle more easily. We have also featured the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



Top GPS Devices in 2018



Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT


Engineered with all the features you need in a car GPS, the Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT offers effortless daily navigation with maps of Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico, in addition to maps of the United States. The device comes with lifetime map updates so you are assured of driving with regularly refreshed driving data.

In addition, it provides lifetime traffic updates so you won’t be caught in horrendous traffic jams. The device selects the speediest routes available for you after it has factored in the congested areas. The built-in traffic receiver eliminates the need for smartphone pairing just to get regular traffic updates.

This model also supports voice-activated navigation. This enables you to issue voice commands to the GPS device, much like the voice recognition software used in modern smartphones. Moreover, thanks to Bluetooth technology, this model also accommodates smartphone syncing to handle hands-free speakerphone functionality.

Preloaded with 10 million points of interest, this unit offers data on various locations such as stores, hotels and eating places. This feature is made possible through a partnership with Foursquare, which is a crowdsourced review site that uses hundreds of user-based reviews for the POI database, allowing you to select which ones to visit according to your preference. Furthermore, the device lets you choose the route you want according to your driving style, preferred time of arrival and route.

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Garmin Nuvi 57LM 010-01400-01


Outfitted with a 5-inch dual-orientation screen, the Garmin Nuvi 57LM 010-01400-01 enables you to easily find your way through the lower 49 states. This model comes preloaded with maps that also come with free Garmin lifetime updates, all stored on the internal solid state memory of the GPS device.

You also get access to Foursquare, giving you millions of points of interest so you will never have any excuse on being lost on your way to dinner at a restaurant in town you’ve never visited before. Thanks to the integrated Garmin Real Directions, you are given spoken guidance through traffic lights and landmarks to simplify finding destinations.

Navigating to specific complex destinations is simplified thanks to the Direct Access feature. This means you can easily locate shopping malls or airports using a specific place within a larger area. Moreover, with junction view and lane assist, you are always sure you are taking the correct lane of travel.

The route avoidance feature allows you to sidestep tolls and highways if you prefer. Ensuring safe travel and exasperating law enforcer encounters, this device provides School Zone warnings. The speed limit indicator shows you how fast you can drive legally on common thoroughfares both in the US and Europe. You can anticipate points of interest along the route you are on thanks to the Up Ahead feature.

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Garmin Nuvi 68LMT 010-01399-05


Equipped with a dual-orientation touchscreen, the Garmin Nuvi 68LMT 010-01399-05 simplifies your navigation through the United States and Canada. This revolutionary device provides a means for you to keep moving along your planned route, while enabling you to spend less time stuck in horrendous chokepoints. The lifetime traffic updates ensure that.

The device comes with included maps that are constantly updated for the lifetime of the unit, which are all stored on the internal solid state memory. You also enjoy access to Foursquare, which provides countless points of interest to ensure your road trips are consistently free of worry and anxiety about not finding your way around in unfamiliar locations.

Moreover, with the integrated Garmin Real Directions feature, you are issued friendly and prompt spoken directions using readily visible landmarks to make location finding simple and trouble-free. Driving to select complex destinations such as shopping malls and airports is easy thanks to the Direct Access functionality.

This helpful feature uses a larger location to help you find a specific place. Aside from that, you also get junction view and lane assist, both of which provide timely guidance on the proper lane to take during your trip. This is further supplemented with route avoidance for sidestepping tolls or highways if you prefer.

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