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Best GPS under 100. What to Look for:


For those operating under a very tight budget, finding the affordable GPS for car use may be like a quest for the holy grail: you want something that will get you where you want in the soonest time and safest means possible. Once you’ve set a general price range, like under $100, it should enable you to narrow down your choices to just a small number of units. Now what should you really consider when in the market for a cheap yet functional GPS device?

The best GPS under 100 in 2018 has a small screen but offers ease of use.

Okay, so you’re trying to save a few bucks by investing in a device with a small screen. When you have to keep your eyes on the road constantly, you will realize how much screen size matters in a GPS device. If you are comfortable peering into a 3.5-inch display, that should be fine. However, larger screens are built with a lot more real estate to display multiple items that you can take in at a glance. That being said, if the small space offered by a diminutive display doesn’t bother you, just make sure the font is large enough to make out even when you are driving at a reasonable speed.

A small unit also ensures your view of the road remains unobstructed, so it’s good for safety. Who needs a 7-inch screen anyway if it takes up a lot of space on your car’s dashboard or windshield? Make sure you can stand just a few feet away from the device and still see essential details. The buttons on the touchscreen should be easy to press without mistakes. A dual orientation touchscreen also offers a comfortable viewing angle.


A good GPS under 100 dollars should offer dependable functionality.

The receivers in GPS devices are not built equal, as some can be more sensitive than others. A budget model does not automatically suggest a poor built-in receiver. A high sensitivity receiver is easily able to tell you what road you are on or your exact location.

Text-to-voice software should include easy-to-understand spoken directions, which means you won’t have to double check the spoken street names on the screen to make sure you’ve heard them right. When driving in unfamiliar territory, text-to-speech technology can be very useful since you only need to watch for the spoken street names as you go past. Do consider battery life as well, since being caught in a new area with a dead device is a scary scenario.


Check out products featured in the best GPS under 100 reviews in 2018 with useful features.

Although traffic data may not be essential for you, there will be times when you need to get to a destination fast. This entails knowing what lies ahead in the major roads along your route. You want to avoid traffic bottlenecks. Fortunately, some devices come with free lifetime traffic data. Not all models or brands are built equal in this aspect. In addition, free traffic updates may not be of the same level of reliability as premium or paid subscriptions from the same manufacturer. Bear in mind that such updates are only essential if traffic is a huge issue where you frequently travel. Otherwise, you can simply forego the functionality. Lifetime traffic updates are of significance for those who drive in major metropolitan locations.

Another element to ascertain is lifetime map updates, as the device is only as good as the map information it provides. Lifetime map updates are important because there will always be new roads to be built or changes to routing schemes. They also enable the correction of errors in old maps or the adding of new map data such as closed businesses and the like.

The market is filled with a variety of brands and models of affordable GPS devices. Although this can complicate your shopping journey, we urge you to go over the information in the above buying guide to help you along. We have also showcased the best products below for more shopping assistance.


Top GPS under 100 in 2018


Garmin Nuvi 57LM 010-01400-01


Simplifying your navigation through the lower 49 states, the Garmin Nuvi 57LM 010-01400-01 comes with a dual-orientation touchscreen that facilitates mounting and functionality. Provided with free lifetime map updates, this device ensures you can get to your destination safely and in less time with dependable map information exclusive from Garmin.

All the essential map data is stored in the internal solid state memory of this navigation device. You also enjoy access to Foursquare with millions of points of interest to look into so you have a wide variety of choices for dining, recreation, entertainment, leisure or resting and lodging places. Thanks to Garmin Real Directions, you are given spoken guidance to your destination using businesses and landmarks along the way.

With the Direct Access feature,finding your way to complex destinations such as airports or shopping malls is easy. This device makes it easy to find a place within a larger location. With junction view, you are aware of junction signposts; the lane assist feature ensures you are in the right lane of travel.

Those features ensure that you are following the proper way to your destination. The route avoidance feature allows you to avoid tolls and highways. This model also provides School Zone warnings that augment the speed limit indicator, so you can go on driving safely and confidently without the hassle of speeding citations and related incidents.

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Garmin eTrex 10 010-00970-00


Are you looking for a good GPS device that you can take along during a hike in the woods as well as for geocaching? The Garmin eTrex 10 010-00970-00 provides the answer. This amazing device only weighs 5 ounces and features a 2.2-inch screen for easy portability and hassle-free use. Aside from indicating your current position, this device also lays digital breadcrumbs to help you retrace your path so you can always go back to where you started.

This breadcrumb feature is useful when you need to find your way back to your hotel or where you left your car in an unfamiliar location. The monochrome screen shows your position in a clear manner. This device attaches to different items using a variety of separately bought mounts, for versatility.

Utilizing both GPS and GLONASS satellites, this GPS device ensures speedy acquisition of GPS signal so you can immediately pinpoint your exact location around 20 times faster than a standard GPS. The receiver offers high sensitivity to Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) signals to ensure you get information from land-based antennas when the view of the sky in not optimal, thereby also ensuring enhanced position accuracy.

Equipped with HotFix satellite prediction capability, this device employs an algorithm to imitate the movement of the Earth for quick regaining of satellite connection should the unit be unused for a couple of days.

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Magellan Roadmate 2535T-LM


Making every car trip effortless, the Magellan Roadmate 2535T-LM comes with a load of features that ensure you will never have to worry about the roads you take. This GPS device lets you enjoy the security of knowing you’re driving with updated maps to guide you along.

The Free Lifetime Map Updates feature enables up to four times map updating every year. Thanks to the Landmark Guidance feature, you are given routing assistance using landmarks and not just street names. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Instructions are more specific, like which gas station to take a left turn at or which building a business is adjacent to. With its upgraded Junction View functionality, this device provides an expansive view of the freeway you are traveling on and visually guides you using arrows to ensure you are driving in the proper lane. The Junction View eliminates the guesswork when getting into exits.

The Traffic Camera Alerts are given free for a year. These audible and visual warnings keep you aware of speed cameras and fixed red light cameras, all provided through crowdsourced data that can be refreshed via the free Content Manager from Magellan. You can add to the collected data with your own discoveries as well.

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